Blue Cypress Lake Weekend Getaway

Beautiful Vero Beach, FL

Hello Beautiful Souls!

Last weekend was the 4th of July weekend where almost everyone had a long weekend. Which is so rare, but quite enjoyable! Usually we work Monday through Friday, as do most people we know, however, this particular weekend, my husband had a half-ish day on Friday and we both had off on Thursday. I thankfully had no appointments/sessions with clients on Friday and was able to do paperwork in the morning. So we searched Air BNB for a getaway spot and found one about 1 hour and 45 minutes from our house. We drove south towards Vero Beach. Our getaway home was located in Blue Cypress Lake which is about a half hour drive from Vero Beach and a one hour drive from Fort Pierce, where we also went to see for part of our day.

The houses were a set of studios in duplex style. The cool part is there was one person at the opposite end of the whole complex and we were at the other end and when you open the back door, it’s a canal that is a boat dock and leads right out to Blue Cypress Lake. Absolutely beautiful. The studio was not anything special, but we did enjoy our time there. The only thing that I guess I could say was frustrating is not having enough silverware options. The location of Blue Cypress lake is a good half hour drive to almost any location except the gas stations by the Turnpike which are six miles away. So we literally had to pack our food we wanted to munch on for the weekend, any extra things like bottle openers and can openers, which we had to buy while we were out there, so now I have two can openers. Oh well! But honestly, in most Air BNB’s you have to bring your own food anyway or buy it at a grocery store when you get there. The owner of the property did a great job at letting us know to bring our own stuff as the location for most grocery stores are several miles away. We were prepared, just expecting all the same utensils we normally use. Okay! Enough complaining and explaining! On to the good stuff!

On Friday night we got into town at about 4P and decided to go see a local group playing at the Sailfish Brew House! Honestly, I loved the Sailfish Brew House! It was located in Fort Pierce and we got to sit by the water at night and see people keep shooting fireworks off near the coast which was very pretty. The band was great, I did not know any of the songs they played, but the band was good and the beer was good. I personally do not drink IPA’s, but my husband does and he really liked them, they are all brewed in house, the don’t really do a lot of imported drinks and they even bottle and can some of their brews and sell them. They also have a purple cider they sell and that was amazing! I love cider’s! I swear, they are like the best drink ever to me. So I was all about it, and the prices were very reasonable. We seriously cannot wait to go back and explore more places like Fort Pierce for a full weekend!

On Saturday, we spent a good portion of the day basically adventuring at the beach, buying new sunglasses, seeing a different brewery and resting.

Showing off my new Ralph Lauren’s

So, I’ve never ever owned expensive glasses, but work has treated us well, so we decided to treat ourselves. Well….hubs decided to treat us! Surprisingly the Sunglasses Hut had an amazing sale going on and we got beautiful, comfy, designer glasses for a fraction of the normal costs! So thank you for true sales!

Once we picked up our new glasses we were off to the beach! I packed us peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and we got water bottles and off we went! It’s Florida, so of course it rained on our way to the beach and once we got to the beach, it was overcast, but no rain. Typical! We stayed at the beach for about a few hours and then had lunch at the American Icon Brewery which has a lot of history and I love that when places get refurbished instead of torn down. It allows the place to keep it’s history but give it a new vibe. The only issue we had was lack of decent service. I noticed our waitress would address other tables around us, but she wouldn’t really approach our table as often and honestly distanced herself. I’m not sure why, because we weren’t difficult guests. As I’m thinking back, I wonder if it’s because I said “that’s deceiving” when we asked if the burger buns they use for the vegan burger they offer were in fact vegan and she told us no. So I said without thinking, that’s deceiving! I wouldn’t say the entire staff is like her, because we didn’t interact with other staff, so don’t let that deter you from going to a new place and learning the rich history! I’m positive the area has a lot more to offer, but we didn’t really plan a full vacation of adventures, this was more of a legit rest and relax moment for us! We haven’t had a full vacation or even a full weekend getaway like this since before we moved to California! This trip was well worth the wait!

After we spent time at the beach we went back to our little home away from home, let the babies out and took a fat nap! Oh! I totally forgot to say, at this Air BNB we got to bring our fur babes and that is so important to us. We love our babies and we try to bring them with us anywhere we go!

After our fat nap, we got up and got ready for TRAIN & GOO GOO DOLLS concert in West Palm Beach!!!! Legit died of happiness for a second when Gared found them playing in West Palm Beach and the tickets were only 25$ each! Yes, thank you!

I wish I could upload videos because this was so amazing beyond reason! I have loved Train for a long time and I only like a few Goo Goo Dolls songs, but again, LOVED seeing Train in person! It was the absolute best! Got a beautiful spirit jersey style shirt to commemorate the occasion! And yes, my husband got several photos of me singing along to all the greatest songs. I had such an amazing time and usually we don’t get to see people I like in concert only because I’m a very mainstream music listener and the shows I want to go to are a lot pricier than my husbands choices! But this one wasn’t and I was thrilled!

Then Sunday, we spent the day playing card games, eating, and enjoying everything we could about Blue Cypress Lake, but it rained half the day, so we let the screen door stay open and listened to the beautiful sound of rain on the lake and it was a true, perfect, rest day!

Honestly, we had the best time at Blue Cypress Lake. We have never really had a vacation or even a weekend getaway that was fully just spent where we relaxed and re-charged most of the time. Usually our trips are stuffed full with things to experience. I’m pretty positive we want to start adding weekend getaways at the beaches of Florida on our to-do lists! Not sure which beach we will be at next, but I know it’ll be great! I’ve never been to a beach that I’ve been disappointed at yet!

In a different blog I will share the TVP sloppy joes recipe! Peep the picture in the middle up there?? Well, stay tuned! I’ll be sharing that one next!

As always, happy cooking if you’re cooking! But mostly, happy adventures to you and your family from me and mine!

XOXO, Katie