Gared & Katie Plus 2



Well ladies and gentlemen! Last night my handsome husband and I had the honor of welcoming two fur children into our lives! We can now say, at least for now, we are proud parents! When we have our own babies we will still remain proud parents as well! So no worries! 😉

Above you’ll see my handsome husband with Haze, whom he has gladly claimed as his main man! He absolutely adores Haze and Haze has such a personality! He’s very chill, very obedient and a happy dog all the way around!

In the second picture shown below you’ll see Haze with his sister Destiny! Destiny is a little bit of a tough cookie. But she’s ventured out of her shell a little bit today. She’s absolutely sweet though but change is not her friend! So hopefully soon she’ll break out a little more!

We are absolutely thrilled to have them with us and blessed beyond reason! A new season has definitely began in the Henson Bayit! (Hebrew for House) We are on an adventure of new jobs and careers, getting higher education and now being parents to sweet doggies!

Enjoy this slice of Life,
Katie H. 💜


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