Making a Budget Friendly Meal Plan

Well Hello Friends! I’m back! It’s been a crazy couple of month with me getting a new job and school work, it’s been kind of hard to keep up with meals and posting recipes. But I wanna take a few minutes and give you something great! We’ve all read about how to make budget friendly from “don’t coupon just shop at Aldi” to “just buy the essentials.” While I am no mainstream expert, when it comes to the two of us, I pretty much got our eating patterns down. So here’s my advice:

  1. Create a grocery list of exactly what you need for the week. My husband and I currently shop each week right now because it fits our budget. However fits your budget, make a list of it! 
  2. Don’t go grocery shopping when you are hungry! It makes you want to buy things you really don’t need. And then you end up going out of your budget.
  3. Now here’s my weakness: at the end of your shopping trip when you’re at the register. All the soda drinks and candies just waiting to be eaten and drank up! Used to never be a weakness for me, I would always say no. And then it just changed one day. Say NO to these things! We all know they are unhealthy and you will feel proud of yourself that you stayed within your budget. 😊
  4. Now my last piece of advice, start researching budget friendly recipes! You are the expert for what your family eats! You are responsible for what they eat! Just because you want or need to save money does not mean you have to sacrifice flavor! Most times for budget friendly recipes you already have the majority of ingredients in your pantry. Knowing that also saves money, you aren’t buying what you don’t need. So do your research! 

Alright y’all! So I hope my little bit of advice helps! When you do your research you save yourself time, you weaken the chance of a headache for being forgetful and you save money! And believe it or not, sometimes store brand tastes just as good or better than name brand. This also saves you money. Although I’m not an avid couponer as I wish to be sometimes, I do look for sales. Sales are guarantees of savings! Stay tuned! I will have a budget friendly recipe and list of ingredients to share later! 

Happy Cooking and Planning Y’all!

–Katie H. 💜


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