Homemade Banana Pudding

Hello 4th of July! As we celebrate Independence Day, this is a special day indeed! My husband and I celebrate our 1st 4th of July as HUSBAND AND WIFE!! It’s such an honor to celebrate our freedom with the ones we love! 

So in keeping with my theme of budget friendly this weekend, I wanted to share a budget friendly and delish recipe! This is proof that you can enjoy your meal and keep your pockets full! 


Bananas — .69 cents/pound. I used about 5 total! But I made a large dish for a party. Typically I would use about 2 if it was just Gar and I.

Milk — $3.98/carton. I used 6 total cups because of the large amount I made. Typically it would be 2 cups.

Instant Vanilla Pudding Mix — $1.08/box. I used 2 boxes which required 3 cups of milk each, again big party. 

Vanilla Wafers — $3/box. I used the mini ones, they’re just cute! I also used my whole box because of my large amount I made to begin with.

The How To::

1. Take a good handful of your wafers and later them on the bottom of your dish.

2. Peel open a banana and cut little slices and layer that over your wafers.

3. Now after you’ve mixed up your pudding you can layer that over the wafers and bananas.

4. Then repeat until you come to the top of your dish. Typically if I had enough wafers I would have crushed them and created a sprinkled layer on top or used cool whip, or egg whites for a meringue. 

Either way you make it, this is easy cost effective and a semi-healthy dessert! Most of these ingredients we buy each week anyway, so you’ll continue to save even more! This is a great dessert for any holiday especially Independence Day! Now go and enjoy your Independence Day with your loved ones and be safe! 
Happy Cooking Y’all!

–Katie H 💜


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