Mini Shepherd Pies 🍴

Finished product! 

I used a regular muffin pan and a super mini muffin pan! 

As promised, here is the recipe for the mini Shepherd Pies! So before I give you the recipe, I just want y’all to know I’ve been working on this. This is a recipe that can be perfected over time. It’s a great dish because you incorporate lots of veggies over everything else! Plus home made is the absolute best! This is a dish you can be proud of! 

Ingredients Required: 

1 pound of ground turkey or beef

2 tablespoons of all purpose flour

2 tablespoons of ketchup or tomato paste

3/4 cup of beef or chicken broth

2 cans of canned biscuits just regular not jumbo, not super fluffy

4 cups of frozen veggies (thawed out–it’s okay if they are still cold, but if frozen it’s gunna take forever to cook)

1 package of instant mashed potatoes 

2 big scoops of sour cream

1-2 cups of sprinkling cheddar cheese 

The How To:

So y’all already know I adapt my recipes. But here goes. First you wanna get your muffin pans greased up so your biscuits don’t stick to the bottom of the cups. I use Crisco spray. Just lightly spray it. In the mean time begin browning your meat until the pink is gone and do your instant mashed potatoes. It’s okay if you make those first and they get a little cool, because you’re gunna re-cook them in the oven anyway and they’ll be nice and fluffy and hot! While you are doing that you can get the rest of your ingredients out if you haven’t already. Once your meat is finished, drain out any grease and pull out your pot. Put the drained meat in and add your flour–keep it on a medium heat. It’ll seem very sticky at first but this helps coat the meat like if you are going to add taco seasoning for tacos. Stir that in get the meat covered. Next add your ketchup or paste. Either will work just fine. Stir that in, it kind of begins to look like meat loaf. After that is mixed well, add your broth. I used chicken broth because it’s all I had, it didn’t taste any different it was actually really moist and add your veggies. Just mix it up and let it get warm for about 3-5 minutes and pull it off. Now you can fill your muffin cups! So you’re gunna begin by taking your canned biscuits one at a time, flatten them out with your finger tips and it’ll stretch it out. Just fill that into the bottom of your pan, it may not cover the whole muffin cup, don’t worry, you really want it as a base to hold your filling. Next add your filling, don’t over flow it, and add a layer of mashed potatoes ad sprinkle cheese on top! Once you have all your cups filled, you bake on 350 or 375 depending on stove for 20-30 minutes. Once the middle is nice and hot after you check them and the cheese is good and melted, they are ready for devouring! 

Okay, so verdict is: they were great! Usually when it comes to this, I use my pie dish and just layer the meat/veggie filling covered by mashed potatoes and sprinkled with cheddar cheese. But after Pinterest surfing and recently trying mini chicken pot pies, I thought you could do the same with Shepherd Pies! Adding the broth which I normally don’t do and salt and pepper to taste, it was very moist and very flavorful. Especially working with frozen veggies, they usually aren’t seasoned like canned veggies, so you wanna add flavor. There are lots of home made recipes and different adaptations of this recipe, so go find what you and your family loves and enjoy making home made! The minis are great to make with younger kids, it can always be a math lesson as well! That’s all for today’s recipe! 
Hope y’all enjoy it! And happy cooking! 

Katie H💜 


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