Cheesy Stuffed Sweet Peppers 🧀🌶 

Here we are again Y’all! This is a weekend of cooking and I’m sure this next week and weekend with Christmas Day around the corner will be one for cooking too! But no complaints because I love seeing the smiles on people’s faces and the compliments! So today, I had a Christmas party to attend and it was such a lovely time! I had a spectacular time and if you have been to a party or have invite to one this week, it is worth it to go! Enjoy it! 

This was one of the Christmas trees and it’s too beautiful to not snap a quick photo! With this Christmas party each attendant had to make a dish to share with everyone and that’s why I chose this recipe. Of course all recipes are made for adaptation so with this I will share my version: 

– 1 16oz. Or 1 pound of ricotta cheese

– 1 block 16oz. Of pepper jack cheese shredded

– 1 8oz. Package of cream cheese, the small rectangular package. 

– 1 cup or 3/4 cup of chopped fresh spinach depending on how much flavor you want.

– baby bell peppers or the mini bell pepper package 

So basically you’re just gunna mix all the cheeses together in a large bowl along with the spinach. Now, after that’s done, set it aside or in the fridge. Now take your bell peppers out and slice the tips off and remove the seeds and white membrane. Rinse those out with water and now fill them with cheese mixture. After all your peppers are filled, you can lay them on a baking sheet and broil them in the oven until the cheese is nice and gooey. This will also soften up the peppers and bring out the natural flavor of the peppers too! 

You can serve them anyway you like! The cheese mixture makes a lot of cheesy filled peppers so you’ll have more than enough for your party members! I didn’t have a picture of them from the party, but did have this:

There you have it! Cheesy yummy goodness inside of a pepper! So enjoy your Christmas parties and Christmas time! Try it out and if you like it please comment and let me know what you think and feel free to share it! 

That’s it for now! Happy Cooking Y’all! 

Katie H 


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