Latkes fo Chanukah 🕎🎉

Hey Y’all!!! So this weekend is one for the books in all things cooking! I feel like I’ve only left my kitchen over the past two days to sleep. But here goes! With all the holiday and Christmas parties springing up as we approach about one week out of Christmas, it calls for lots and lots of recipes! This year, I’m making things that are so not normal for me to make. Usually I do baking, like cakes and cookies and cupcakes things of that nature. This year, I’m making things I’ve never made before, like Latkes! Latkes is a Jewish traditional food item made around Chanukah every year. Traditionally, they are like a flat pancake and served with applesauce to–according to my husband–remind of us the sweetness of God. My hubs grew up Jewish and I did not, we’ve been wanting to have traditions in our house but last year we didn’t get to from all the wedding things, wedding and honeymoon and moving in together. So this year: it’s time to begin traditions! BTW: this recipe is definitely not my own, I got this from toriavey.com! 

With Latkes it’s a very simple dish, but also takes a good minute to get going and finished because of just following the steps, especially if you’ve never made them before.  

This above 👆🏻 is a finished product on the cooking rack and in the process of frying them! 

Since I borrowed this recipe, I’m going to share the exact ingredients and that way there’s no confusion on the ingredients and the how to is easy!  

So basically very simple, once you have all the potatoes peeled and shredded resting in water as not to brown while you finish the rest of them, and the onion shredded, you’re going to take a clean towel or cheese cloth layers and ring out the excess water from the drained potatoes and onions, this helps with the frying I noticed. Now in another clean large bowl you’re going to mix all the ingredients together and by hand, a spoon was just ridiculous to try and use. Once everything is mixed together you can begin letting a small quarter inch layer of oil in a frying pan begin to heat, we did it on medium high heat for a thorough cooking. And formed the mixture into patties, very thin patties. Once they are golden brown on both sides take them out and put them on a cooling rack to keep the juices in don’t lay on a paper towel. They are served with applesauce traditionally! 

So now you have a Chanukah recipe to try out! I hope you enjoy it! If you like to try it and do try it leave a comment below and let me know how it goes! 

Thanks for reading and Happy Cooking Y’all! Enjoy! 

Katie H


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