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14 Days of Love Tutorial

So this was an idea re-created from! Those ladies totally know how to use their creativity! They also have lots of great ideas for keeping your marriage fun with date nite ideas!

This is my version of the 14 Days of Love Calendar! Some of the simple ingredients that you’ll need are an empty frame, some string, clothes pins and cards! Now it doesn’t have to be all cute and decorative, you can always just keep it blank or a simple white coat will make it available for use on another holiday or idea like showing off your newest photos with the fam! Anyway, I used coral colored paint I already have, and a white paint pen I already have for the frame and words. My first step was that I painted it coral all the way around, after it dried I took my white paint pen and wrote my phrases, that dried quickly and then I cut my strings to fit all the way across and stapled them into the frame with a staple gun, once I had them all done I took my cards and clothespinned them to the strings! Depending on how big your cards are depends on how many you’ll put on a string. My first 13 cards are super simple all the same, just different love notes for each card, and then the 14th card is the one for the big day! The beautiful part is, it doesn’t have to be exactly like this, you can adapt yours to be exactly what you want, just like I did mine! You could even make it a whole month long celebration! And the best part is you can use this frame all year long during birthday celebrations, anniversaries or almost any other holiday! I found all my supplies at Target in the dollar section, minus the frame and paint! If y’all have anymore questions I didn’t answer in the tutorial, leave me a message!

Have a Most Loveable Valentine’s Holiday!

-Katie H 💝


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