Recipes from my Kitchen

Upscale Grilled Cheese

As promised here it is! My recipe for the grilled cheese I bragged about on Instagram earlier this week! The lighting is so poor, but let’s not be judgmental on that tiny detail!

To satisfy my spicy loving pallet and my husbands simple savory pallet, I made two different grilled cheese. The first thing I should mention is I used my cheeses from the Publix Deli and they are Boars Head brand. Now honestly most cheese is cheese and you should choose the flavor that fits you and the flavors you like! I tend to enjoy the Longhorn Colby it’s a classic yellow color like Yellow American Cheese, but it has a rich flavor. The other cheese is used and recently began buying is Chipotle Gouda! Oh my Gouda it is amazing!!! It’s a white colored cheese but because of the added spices, it’s kind of pinkish. I really enjoy the chipotle flavor, I tried it on a Publix sub a while ago and finally decided to try it. I know Publix Deli can be pricy, but I buy a half to a quarter of a pound depending on what I’m making with it that week and it’s between 3-5$. So it really can be affordable and fit your budget. But seriously, don’t over spend on your budget and don’t feel like you need fancy cheese for grilled cheeses! Now of course you’ll also need bread, nothing fancy unless you want it. I used plain butter bread loaf and it worked out just fine! You’ll also need butter for grilling, and in my case with these sandwiches you also need a tomatoe and bacon. The bacon, you can fry up your own, or if you desire you can do the pre-cooked that you just pop in the microwave. Bacon and I have a love hate relationship let’s be honest! Love it, but hate making it! I always seem to get popped and it’s just super greasy! Most times I even burn it, but a new trick I learned that probably 90% of America knew except me, cook it on a medium high heat in small batches and then drain the grease before moving on to the next batch, it does not pop nearly as much and doesn’t get that burnt grease taste!

Alright, enough of that! Here’s the how to:

First: butter your bread! This will give your bread a beautiful golden crisp if you put it in a pan on the stove or it will give you gorgeous grille marks if you use the Foreman!

Second: the layers of goodness! Take 2 pieces of cheese, 2 slices of bacon halved and two tomatoe slices, layer over again with 2 pieces of cheese, cover with the remaining bread slice and done! •••Side note: I know the amount of cheese seems like a lot, however I get my cheese sliced so thin it’s like paper, so that’s why I later it twice, but eat to your preference!••

Third: grille that baby until the cheese is nice and melted! In the Foreman, it took me about 7 minutes and it was done! It depends on how dark you want your bread. I always like a golden brown color, I don’t care at all for charcoal.

I paired these babies with some homemade sweet potatoe fries that were baked in the oven and sprinkled with brown sugar and then about 5 minutes until the were completely finished I sprinkled some feta cheese on them and melted it! A very sweet and savory side item that is super healthy and delish! I hope you all enjoy this take on a classic grilled cheese sandwich! Next time I make it I’ll take during pictures and add them as an update! For the mean time if you try it, let me know what you think and how you like it or if you don’t by leaving a comment here or on my Instagram!
Happy Cooking from my Kitchen to Yours!

Kate! 🧀


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