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Turkey Rueben Sandwiches 🍞🍽

Welcome back friends! A few days ago my sweet hubs came home and mentioned in conversation that he wanted to me learn how to make a turkey rueben sandwich. He said when he’s at school in between classes he stops at The Nature’s Table and gets the turkey rueben sandwiches and he loves them! Since I’m always wanting to try new things, he lovingly made this suggestion. So of course, I agreed! I love new recipes and I love cooking! So bring it on! Off I went to my ever faithful and trusty Pinterest!

I got this recipe, so all credit goes to them:

 Above are the lists of ingredients and exactly what you’ll need! I used my cheese and meat from Publix Deli as always, I also used Jewish Rye light colored bread, but it doesn’t matter if you use light or dark. I also used Thousand Island dressing  because my hubs and I enjoy that flavor more. So basically, I drained the sauerkraut because otherwise when you add the dressing the sandwich just becomes soggy and then the bread won’t crisp up on the grille the way you want. I buttered each piece of bread, added a layer of sliced cheese, a slice of turkey, sauerkraut, a squirt of dressing, another layer of turkey and finishing with a layer of cheese again. Then I grilled them on my George Foreman for about 7 minutes on each sandwich until they were nice and golden brown. Now if you don’t own a George Foreman grille…don’t go out and waste money on one, especially if you don’t use it or plan on using it all the time. You can do the same thing with a skillet on the stove! Your sandwich may even come out fluffier because it isn’t being pressed between the grille slabs of the Foreman. However, I like the panini style that takes place when I use my Foreman. I love my Foreman and I love cooking on it so it works for me. My finished product is below! I hope if you make it you enjoy it and let me know all about it either by commenting below or tagging me on Instagram!

That’s it for now! From my kitchen to yours, Happy Cooking!

Kate H. 🌀🤓🌀


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