Recipes from my Kitchen

Corn & Tomato Salad

Hey Y’all! So as I said a week ago I was trying a lot of new things this week! Well of course life gets busy and so all the things I wanted to try didn’t exactly happen. But I did manage to make TWO new recipes for my hubs to chow down on with me this week! So this recipe actually happens to be the second recipe I made which was last night. It was beyond delish! 

I made a new take on a salad by adding sweet Mexican corn to it! Now granted, if I had a bell pepper and some green onions even a cucumber it would have added much more of a veggie variety, but I used what I had! [Which like I’ve said time and again, is what helps you save money on the grocery bills! And no one complains to saving money! :-)] So in this salad I used romain lettuce (1.5 hearts of lettuce), Roma tomatoes (2 whole ones sliced down the middle and then thinly sliced across those halves), and lastly sweet Mexican corn (2 ears of it). I also use 2 chicken breasts that were grilled. 

Alright so here’s my ingredients list: 

2 ears of sweet Mexican style corn

1.5 hearts of romaine lettuce 

2 Roma tomatoes 

2 chicken breasts 

Add on’s: I added a sprinkle of cheese and then my salad dressing of choice. 

Now for the how to: 

First thing I got all my veggies done. While I chopped up the romaine lettuce and tomatoes I put my corn in a pot of water and brought it to a boil for about 15 minutes total time. The reason is because I still wanted some crunch for the corn. Once that cooked to where I wanted it, I set it off the eye and let it begin cooling down. So then my lettuce and tomatoes are in the bowl and chopped up, my corn is cooling off. So now I began cleaning the chicken breasts and rinsing them off and seasoning them up. I sprinkled them with salt and pepper on both sides and only on one side I spread a little tiny bit of chipotle mayo to add a kick. Then I grilled my chicken on my fabulous George Foreman! While my chicken was grilling up I shredded the corn off the cob into a depressed bowl. It turned out to be so much more corn than I anticipated! So I was glad I only used 2 ears! And by that time it had cooled down but was still warm. So I added that to my salad mixture! At that point my chicken was throroughly cooked and golden brown and all the excess fat had been grilled off. Which I love! So I sliced my chicken and added that after I had mixed and played my salad mixture! It was honestly & absolutely the most delicious salad I’ve made in a while! I didn’t get the recipe from Pinterest or another blog this was simply my own! So I hope you enjoy it if you make it! Next time I make it I will try to have step by step photos! But here’s my final result! 

So from my kitchen to yours happy cooking y’all! 



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