Crafting Projects

Inspirational Chalkboard 🗝

Hey Y’all! So this is going to be a super short post, but I wanted to add to the awesome home DIY [do it yourself] projects I’ve been completing this summer! This one I particular I have fallen in love with! It’s absolutely perfect for really making it anything you want it to be! I got this piece originally for my bridal shower in October of 2014! Which feels already like a million years ago! And it looked like this: 

Minus my shoes and veil because I also used it for my wedding day as well in the reception area! So my sister actually bought this at IKEA, if you don’t have an IKEA near you I’m so sorry! 
And this is my current final result: 

My hope is that one day something like this will hang in my office for counseling and my clients will add their encouraging thoughts for others! 💚

⭐️Requirements for this Project:

A glass cabinet door that can be painted. Preferably with a wooden edge around the glass so it can be displayed correctly. — Usually, something like this can be found at a thrift store, a second hand store, consignment shop, or local hardware stores like Lowes. 

Chalk paint of any kind.

Chalk pens, markers, or just plain old chalk. 

Then, all the amazing quotes, words of encouragement and phrases you can find! 

Happy Crafting Y’all! Enjoy your week! 


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