Apple Challah Bread 

Hey Y’all! It has been so long since I last shared a food post! I have been so busy finishing up my degree the past two semesters! These accelerated semesters are tough! But January brings great joy as I embark on the journey of practicing counseling and beginning practicum! 🙌🏻

When I’m not studying or home taking care of the house and cooking for my husband and the dogs, and enjoying the little free time we have together, I’m a substitute teacher. So I get the normal breaks like my students! This is only day 2 of Christmas break and I was so bored it was unbelievable! I did some DIY blanket scarfs and went to the gym! But then I was still bored! So I decided to make Apple Challah Bread! Challah is a traditional Jewish recipe that usually doesn’t have any added ingredients like apples, but lots of people have ventured out to make Challah a little different in their own way! 

So, like always, I forget to take step by step pictures of the process! But I’m making this again for Christmas dinner, so I’ll update my pictures! 

This is my Instagram video I created, you can see most of the ingredients: yeast, sugar, canola oil, Granny Smith Apple, self-rising flour, and eggs! This is after the one hour rise before it became a loaf! 

Just like the caption says: oven ready! I was supposed to add an apple slice between each cut of the loaf, but I added them all in the bread and forgot, but it is totally okay if you forget like me! This baked for 40 minutes total. 

Final product! And yes oh yes, it tasted just as good as it looks! 

When I make it again, I will add more of the step by step pictures! And the full recipe! 

Enjoy Y’all! 


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