Keeping Clean

Let’s Talk About Laundry…

Good Morning Y’all! ☀️
I hope everyone’s 4th of July celebrations were amazing and spectacular! 🌀🇺🇸🌀 

The hubs and I had the opportunity to watch fireworks shows from Walt Disney Worlds Contemporary Resort! Had a perfect view of the castle at Magic Kingdom! The best part was driving home on SR 417 and seeing fireworks from all over! It really was a magical day! 

We were extra patriotic on Tuesday! 😜🌀🇺🇸🌀

Okay! Now on to the real reason I’m writing today! I’ve been struggling with a small, but VERY annoying leak that happens in our home due to our ancient A/C Unit! Thankfully we rent, we do not own our current home. So our landlords take care of big things for us! Well all that to say, I’ve been using my towels to clean up the leaks. And they have been super soaked with smelly water and not really soaking things up like a good, fresh towel would. So off to trusty Pinterest I went to see how to keep towels fluffy and smelling better! Cause even though I use Method brand detergent, the towels weren’t coming out smelling good and feeling clean. Several of the same recipes were popping up on my feed…so I took a hint! 


1 cup of white distilled vinegar

1/2 cup of baking SODA! Not powder. 


Wash first load with vinegar in HOT water. Then wash a second time with baking soda also in HOT water. Note••Do not add any detergents or fabric softeners to either load. Once both washes are complete, transfer to dryer and toss in a dryer sheet or two. Once towels are dried, they should smell cleaner and feel softer! 

This is wash #1 

Note••I have to wash our clothes at the laundromat but they still come out amazing! 

Wash #2 •||• as you can see I even put my sheets in and they came out so soft and smelling amazing! 

Small secret! I’ve used this recipe twice now and will probably continue to use it at least once a month to clean out the towels from detergent residue.  

Final result: fluffy, soft and smelling good towels!  

Now for the last little bit of laundry advice is washing pillows and fluffing them back up. This is a trick I tried once and it continued to work ever since. I heard someone say once before throw a couple of tennis balls into some socks and put them in the dryer with the pillows. Well…would you ever believe, it works! I do not know the scientific reasons why it works, but it does! 

Here’s my method: 

Super old, but clean socks from my husband’s old stash of socks he no longer uses. Tennis balls from the dollar store. As you can see I put the tennis ball in the sock and tied it up and that’s it! Easy peasy! 
Well y’all, I hope this gives you some advice and good direction on how to keep your laundry looking and smelling fresh for as long as possible! Because let’s be real, we don’t always have an extra 40-50$ to buy new towels every couple of months. 
From Our Home to Yours!

G & K 🖤


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