Dandelion Communitea Cafe Review (Orlando Locals)

Sometimes on Monday’s you must take a big break, ride out to Orlando with your hubs so he can do some extra late estimates and then go find a new vegan spot to chow down at.

Orlando is truly up and coming with vegan goodies and offerings to the community. Since we’ve been back in the Central Florida area we have found quite a few new vegan spots in just over a years time and I seriously cannot believe it. I’m so happy to see so many new vegan places popping up, it means there are some good and healthy changes happening around town. Since we’ve been back my sister has been amazing at helping me find new vegan places especially since my hubs is vegan.

Also, isn’t she lovely??

I’m expecting a nephew in early August! I think I mostly just want to shout that from the rooftops. But honestly, she has been super helpful in helping us find new vegan places to eat.

Okay, so back to the real reason of this post. I wanted to share the review of Dandelion Communitea Cafe. When you first drive up, it doesn’t look like much. It looks like a small little house that you would probably drive right by unless you were using Google Maps or following someone down there to eat. There is minimal parking, you can park on the street side and there is parking in the back. You can always pay to park in down town and then Uber over for a short few dollars. The restaurant just looks like someones house, that’s why I say you would literally drive right by unless you were looking for it.

I just love these signs that share a few more vegan places locally.

When you first walk up you are greeted with these beautiful signs and of course a DC Comic reference for Gotham City, why not, haha! They have a beautiful outdoor area where Monday night yoga is held on the grass and a larger patio that holds different local community events throughout the week. We went on Monday night and we were greeted with yoga sessions on the lawn and Moon Cycle group of Orlando which is a more spiritual based group that prays to the universe. We definitely didn’t fit in with that crowd, but we also understand that sometimes people want to freely do their own thing. Even when we lived in California and would visit Sebastopol on a regular basis, it would still be so strange to see people praying to the universe. I never grew up like that, but, I also know there are different spiritual and religious beliefs. Honestly, as different as it is for me to see different ways of worship, these people looked so genuinely happy and at peace and that is all that matters. I’m not sure of what other activities they have throughout the week, but you can always follow them on Instagram for any news and weekly updates.

When you walk in, you are immediately greeted with a short, and I mean short, walk to the registers where you order and pay all in one. If you don’t quickly decide what you want, you will be waiting a hot minute to order as it just gets crowded really quickly. The menu is short, simple and to the point. They offer quite a few goodies including gluten-free beers and organic beers, teas, kombucha’s and vegan desserts. The entire place is vegan and mostly gluten-free. There are a few things that a true vegan wouldn’t eat such as honey, because it comes from a living creature, which would make the dish vegetarian in that case. Most of the vegan’s we know eat honey for the nutritional value it offers towards allergies and such.

This IPA is a gluten free IPA and has a fruity tang when you first sip. I am not an IPA lady, but my hubs loves IPA’s.

Once you are done ordering, you find a seat inside or outside on the patio’s and take your number, they will find you and deliver your meals to you once it’s complete. For myself, I ordered the Buffalo 66. You have the option to order it in a bowl or a wrap, you can add lettuce mixture or quinoa and rice mixture or a little of everything. You also get a side with it. I chose chips and queso, the queso is a nut base of cashews and goodies. Then on the side, I got a small cup of ranch and a small cup of buffalo sauce. The buffalo 66 is a slice of tempeh seasoned and carrots, celery and red onions. I just poured the ranch and buffalo sauce all over and mixed it up since I chose a bowl, it was quite delicious.

Buffalo 66 With Chips and Queso

My husband ordered a different take on a vegan Reuben. I’ve made a vegan Reuben in the past with vegan deli meat, but I never made a post about it. Maybe I’ll do that one day. This vegan Reuben was made with eggplant and other good veggies such as tomatoes, sauerkraut, sprouts and a vegan sauce to bind all the flavors together. This also came with a side and my husband ordered chips and guacamole. I never tried his meal, but he said it was delightful! He saved the other half of the sandwich for lunch today and said it was just as good today as it was yesterday.

Eggplant Reuben with Chips and House-made Guac

When we go back, we will definitely be trying some of the desserts and teas! I would highly recommend this place, they are priced competitively with any other restaurant and meals range from 5$-12$ depending on what you get. Honestly, you would probably spend that much or more at a non-vegan place. So why not fill your belly with plant-based goodness?? If you are vegan or vegetarian and planning a trip to Orlando, make time for finding the cute, local vegan shops.

I may be trying to re-create some of these meals in the future so stay tuned!

As always, happy cooking!

Katie H

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