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General Tso’s Tempeh 

Well! Thanks for sticking around and waiting! I’m so proud of this dish! We have had a spectacular time of exploring new vegan dishes! 

I mean look at that! Up there!! It just looks so amazing! I can still taste the wonderful flavors a few days later! Gahhh!!! 

On a quick note: we just finished passing out all our candy for Halloween and I was totally feeling those hippie vibes! 

For questions on where to get that gorgeous handmade headband just comment below and I’ll gladly post where I got it! ✌🏻🌸 

Okay, enough of that! Haha! If you’ve ever read previous posts, you know I don’t always stick to the recipe unless it’s extra complicated. I got this recipe from Breast Cancer Maven. She has a lot of other great things on her website as well! I already modified this and it still tasted fabulous! 

So this is the star of the dish! Here in Central Florida we have Publix where a lot of organic products are sold, and Target, which is everywhere! They also sell many organic products as well and sell certified vegan products which are very helpful! These three symbols at the bottom of the Tempeh are what I try to always look for. I found this at Publix in the vegan area near the fruits and veggies section. I’ve also seen it at Target in the same area! 


-1 or 2 8oz. Packages of organic Tempeh 


-General Teo’s Organic pre-made sauce mixture

1/4 cup Corn starch 

1/2 teaspoon garlic powder

1/2 teaspoon paprika

Avocado oil


1. Steam Tempeh! Cut it into chunks, place in steamer, cover with a lid and steam on medium heat for 10-12 minutes! Definitely no less than 10 and no more than 12. 

2. While Tempeh is steaming, get a plastic baggie (sandwich size) and put breading mix of cornstarch, garlic powder and paprika inside bag. 

3. Once Tempeh is finished steaming, take it out of the steamer and cut into smaller, bite size pieces. Don’t worry it cools enough to handle. Then places pieces in coating mix and coat each pieces. 

4. Preheat a skillet with 🥑 oil. Or any oil you have on hand. To medium heat. Once heated, add Tempeh pieces and cook thoroughly until golden brown on the outside. 

5. Once golden and crispy, to the same pan add about half a cup, maybe a little more depending on how saucy you like it, to the pan. Allow the sauce to thicken (about 3-5 minutes) a syrupy consistency. Once all pieces are coated and sauce is no longer runny, remove from heat and serve. 

Yes I’m aware I posted two of the same picture, the one with the flash is to emphasize the color as my kitchen lighting is just terrible in this rented house. In this picture you can also see the sauce mix I used and the brand. It isn’t certified vegan, but it is organic and was more affordable than buying ingredients I won’t use all the time to make the sauce posted in the original link above. 

I paired this dish with beautiful wild rice that I also found at Target and it turned out well. Obviously in my original picture I have whole green beans and broccoli that were also steamed to complete the dish. 
I hope your dining room (Beauty and the Beast reference) proudly enjoys your new dinner option! 

From my kitchen to yours! 

Kate 💜🌀

Personal Thoughts on Life

A Tribute to Life 🌀

Good Morning Beautiful People! 

Thank you so much for being patient with me on these posts! I have two more to post later today, so stay tuned! This past weekend has been a little more than emotional in our household. My husband’s beautiful grandmother passed away on Saturday morning and although it was mostly expected, it was still difficult for him and the family. I have nothing but beautiful memories from my times with her! 

She had dimentia and her favorite phrase was “I love you, I love you, I love you!” And man oh man was she adorable! I have this strange thought, how wonderful it is that she would remember the phrase “I love you” and it would bring so much joy to those around her! What a wonderful way to be remembered! ❤️❤️❤️ So thank you for being patient as I’ve been there for my husband this weekend. 

Not only did we face loss but today is not only Reformation Day and Halloween, but it’s also my beautiful Mother in Love’s Birthday! 

Although she is no longer here on Earth to celebrate with, she left an amazing legacy behind that will be passed down to her grandchildren should God see fit to bless us with them! She was a single mother who provided every opportunity to her children, worked at one point with three jobs and put herself through higher education! She was truly iconic! My heart wishes to have met her! I know she would be so proud of Gared and his sister! They both have overcome so much and accomplished amazing things in this life so far! 

Although this isn’t a food-related post, I am thankful to share it! Because remembering life is so important! People’s stories remain forever and for generations to come! Today I am thankful for many things today! So today, choose to be thankful! Choose to love life! 
Happy Birthday 🎉 

Happy Reformation Day

Happy Halloween

From Our Home to Yours! Be blessed today!

Katie ❤️

Recipes from my Kitchen

Apple Pie Quinoa Breakfast Bowl 

Good Morning Y’all! 

It has been a sweet minute since I’ve posted a new recipe! I’ve been so busy with studying for my final exam so I can graduate! But this morning I had time to make a new recipe! I have wanted to continue trying new vegan recipes for  a while now but if I’m being honest, I’m slightly scared that it will be flavorless and just not that good. You know kinda like trying to swallow sand….yuck! 

Well, the truth is, some of the vegan recipes, most of the vegan recipes I’ve made have tasted pretty darn good! So why not keep going and keep trying! 

So back to this mornings recipe. I searched Pinterest, my trusty side kick for finding vegan foods recipes! On there was a link to her Apple Pie Quinoa Breakfast! As I read the description I thought wow! This sounds delightful and of course the added protein will be quite nice as well! One small scentence really got my attention though…healthy oatmeal! My heart sank a little. I have never liked oatmeal! Like I avoid it like it has mold in it. Which is probably not the best but oh well. 

So as I was eating it, I forgot to add the maple syrup and it tasted a little earthy even though I had put the correct amount of spice and vanilla extract it just didn’t taste flavorful. Then about 4 bites in I remembered the maple syrup. After I added just a tablespoon, oh my lanta! So delightful!!!! So much more flavor and for someone who doesn’t like quinoa or oatmeal, that made it bearable. 

But I really wanted to make this because my hubs really likes oatmeal and let’s be honest I can only make fruit bowls and vegan pancakes so many times a week. We needed a new recipe. 

For the full recipe and original recipe please go to the link mentioned above. Otherwise, I will also post below.
1 cup of quinoa rinsed

2 cups of vanilla almond milk

1/4 cup of apple sauce 

Bring all that to a boil and then reduce to a simmer until all the liquid is absorbed. About 15-30 minutes depending on your stove temps. Mine took about 30 minutes. I have an old house. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Then you’ll need:

1/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract

1/2 teaspoon of apple pie spice

Pinch of salt

Add these in after all the liquid has been absorbed by the quinoa. Then shred two small apples and don’t do this immediately as your apples will brown. Or you can add lemon juice and it will slow the browning process. Once your apples are shredded, place a spoonful or two in a bowl, top with a tablespoon of maple syrup and apple shreds. Maple syrup is totally optional, I suggest it 100% if you are new to the vegan lifestyle and still adjusting. 

For a woman who hasn’t ever enjoyed oatmeal anything! This recipe is worth it and quite delicious! 

From my kitchen to yours! Happy Cooking! 


Vegan Ventures

Vegan Meatball Subs

Hey Y’all! Welcome Back! 
It has been such a crazy month here in Central Florida! Between Hurricane Irma and several threats since then of hurricanes, I’m way past over hurricane season! We finally gained our internet back after two weeks without due to power lines and grids being out of service and cell towers being down, it’s been a wild ride. But I figured what better way to celebrate getting back to normal than a blog post?! 
Over the past two years Gared (my hubs) and I have become extremely health conscious about what we eat. I’ll post a whole different blog on that change later. 

So back to the good stuff! My husband LOVES, when I loves, I mean really loves Meatball Subs. I think part of that is because it was his Mama’s favorite sub from Publix and she always made them when he was growing up. So sweet! And as we’ve been changing our eating lifestyle to more vegan options, I wanted to make Meatball Subs. Off I went to the grocery and got my ingredients. I needed hoagie rolls, vegan meatballs, spaghetti or marinara sauce and vegan mozzarella style cheese. For our side we had Alexia brand crinkle cut French fries seasoned with sea salt. These are also non-gmo and vegan. 

This is what I used! All these ingredients above are vegan and non-gmo! I used butter for toasting the hoagie buns, it just helps create a crispier crunch. If you don’t have a non-stick sauce pan you can use s little butter and spread it around in the pan so your sauce and vegan meatballs won’t stick or burn. What isn’t pictured is the hoagie buns or fries we used. I’ll try to add that soon. 

I’m still new at vegan recipes and I always think they take longer than they do. But this didn’t take much time at all. Seriously it took us 25 minutes from start to finish, and that’s mostly because the fries in the oven took the longest. I first put my fries in the oven to crisp up and brown a little bit. I knew they would take a long time. About ten minutes into the fries baking, I turned to stovetop on to medium high heat, poured half of the spaghetti sauce in and began heating it up. Once it was bubbling and warm I added the meatballs. This specific package comes with 9 pre-made meatballs. So realistically you could make 3 subs using three meatballs in each sub. I simply followed the package instructions. I let them cook on medium heat for about 8 minutes, then I turned the stovetop off and left the pot on the eye. You need to continually stir it because you want your meatballs to be heated thru evenly. Nobody wants to bite into a cold Meatball. 🤢 
Side Note: here’s one thing I’ve learned about vegan pre-made product is that if you cook it too long it has a tendency to taste and feel rubbery. So cooking at exact times gives the best possible results. 
After all ingredients we cooked properly and hoagie rolls were toasted, I plated the meal! 

We didn’t use a lot of cheese as we aren’t used to eating vegan cheese anyway, but honestly, for me I think it’s more of a mental thing because I couldn’t really taste the cheese anyway. 
Final result: we LOVED this meal! We are so happy to eat something that isn’t a soup! We have thoroughly enjoyed making the slow change to vegan lifestyle. We feel more full, we probably are eating more protein and this change has nothing to do with eating something with a face. We aren’t weirdo vegan hippies. This was a lifestyle change for health reasons and we love it so far! I hope to continue adding more vegan options in the future! 
Enjoy Cooking! If you like this please comment, share, engage with us! We wanna know what you think! 


Crafting Projects

Photo Box Organization 

Hello Y’all! 

It’s been a busy couple of days here in the Henson home! I recently completed all my required Internship I hours for grad school and that’s been such a sweet relief because I’ve kind of been able to chill and not be on hyper-speed. 💁🏼😴 In example: sleep! Praise Him! However, come Monday I’m back at hyper-speed trying to get a few more hours in to complete my newest Internship II before December! But, no worries, I GOT THIS! 

So needless to say, since I’ve been on slow motion all week I’ve been able to clean, clean out soooooo much! I’m so thankful! And since then, I’ve been able to do a little more recipe trying and so forth, but that’s for another post!

If you follow my Instagram page then you already know last week my hubs and I took a regular old visit to see my mom. My mom is currently down sizing her home and all of her belongings. When I say all of her belongings I mean a lot! If you didn’t know already, my parents were divorced in 2005 and although we have gone through so much since my parents divorce, there are still many more sentimental items yet to be decided on–keep or trash. Most things we can say, okay we don’t need it or I don’t have space for it, or what in the hell would I do with one more crockpot ?? Well that’s a little difficult to do with pictures! These hold the most sentimental value of almost all our belongings. They also hold so many memories both happy and sad. 

Like this one above. This is my Grampa! My heart outside of my chest! The only other man to fit that role is my amazing husband Gared! I’m not sure what year this picture was taken, but I do know it’s at a craft show and craft shows bring back beautiful memories and a creative streak only God could give! To me, this is sentimental because now we are experiencing the aging process of my grandparents and that’s no easy adventure. So we all tend to cherish these memories a little bit more! 

And this one above, my baby sister and Grampa! This obviously appeals more to her, but this is a cherished moment and extra sentimental. We were at Six Flags Over Georgia for the umpteenth time that summer I’m sure. But this is the kind of man my Grampa was and still is, he loves to see us try to complete something on our own. And he would never show if he was scared, so it built a major confidence in us, even if we failed and failed miserably, it’s okay. My Grama is that way too! They’re pretty incredible like that. 

And this below, two dogs we used to own and could not bring to Florida with us on our crazy venture to transplant our lives! I’ve never seen my mama cry so much over having to give up an animal. 

So how do we get rid of memories like this? Well, my method is this, if you have doubles, triples, or quad prints, toss the extras and keep one copy only! Ugh! Did I seriously just say that?! Yep! 

👆🏻This is the box of pictures I went thru! So, I had multiples on multiples on multiples of pictures. So my beautiful mom in all her wisdom separated the pictures in smaller plastic boxes and put them all inside a big one…what??!! 🤷🏼‍♀️ Makes me laugh a little! Okay back to organizing! I started by separating all the pictures, negatives, cd’s, paper/plastic holders, and multiples. Then I began by taking two patterned scrapbook papers and a 4X6 photo. 

I first traced the photo on the backside of the printed paper and added a tab by guessing what it would look like. I created tabs on the left, right and center so they created a file system. I made 4 tabs with each paper. I’ll use the rest for our family scrapbook. 

The tracing was all completed on the back so as not to mess up the front and it made it easier to cut. Once my tabs were created I would have taped a blank white index card on the front and labeled each set of photos in that file, but I only could find my neon colors. 😂

So for an example I separated pictures for my mom to decide on, my baby sister to decide on, random family pictures, Disney and Seaworld pictures and so forth! I eliminated the negatives, paper/plastic picture holders the stores give them to you in, cd’s and the pictures fit perfectly! We also now have three extra empty boxes for something else! 

If you are needing a new way to organize your pictures, even in a regular cardboard photo box this system will still work! Hope y’all enjoyed reading! Thanks for stopping by! 
If you have a new way to organize photos share in the comments below and let me know! 
Have a Beautiful Week!


Recipes from my Kitchen

Seasoning and Freezing Yer Beans 

Hello All! 

I’m so glad to finally be back blogging! I’m so sorry it takes me forever to post! Between completing hours for my degree and home making, things get busy! 

So I bought a whole bag of fresh, dried black beans at a local grown and organic grocery store in Orlando called Freshfields! I love that place! ❤️ The bag was a little over 3 pounds of dried beans! I bought this naively thinking it wouldn’t take long to cook dried beans it’s gotta be similar to rice right? False! Big false! 

After researching several other blogs on the subject I found out it’s a near all day process! But it’s very important to my husband I that we try our best to eat as organic as possible! By that I mean making our own food. So by making these beans and seasoning them myself I avoid preservation chemicals and copious amounts of sodium! Not really complaining on that though! 

So when you begin you want to soak the beans overnight in cold water. Or soak them for at least 10-12 hours. They soak up a lot of water and it starts to clean the outside of the beans as well. 

You’ll want to add enough water to cover at least 1-2 inches above the bean line because they do soak up a lot of water. However, I think I might have added a little more water than I was supposed to, but it didn’t damage the beans. 

After the long soak…you wanna add them to a big flat bottomed pot, this could be a Dutch-Oven or a pot like this. Turn the burner on high and add the beans, cover with water enough to be above the bean line, add in a quartered medium size yellow onion, 2 cloves of garlic (I used garlic paste–I don’t know how well this will be after the fact), and two bay leaves. 

Let it boil for a sweet minute because it’s a big pot completely full of beans. This will take about 15-20 minutes. 

As you can see during the boiling process there’s foam that starts to come to the top. Just scrape it off as it comes up. You can leave the beans uncovered and after boiling for about 20 minutes turn the burner to a low setting and let them simmer for about an hour. Then check periodically until they are done and a little soft, but not mushy like retried beans. I cooked them for two hours on a low setting and the last hour I put a lid on the pot partially open so the steam would continue to cook them a little more. This definitely helped soften the beans up! 

After that’s done, I turned the stove top off, let the beans rest and cool to room temperature so you can bag them. Just remove the onion chunks, if you use full garlic cloves without shredding them down, remove them too and remove the two bay leaves. But don’t drain the beans, I read in another blog that it causes the beans to shrivel up and taste no bueno. I used quart sized ziplock freezer bags, because well, this is all about freezing yer beans! 😉

I managed to get 4 almost full bags of beans. I still have about a pound of dried black beans left to season, cook and freeze. But this is my final product! They can freeze for up to 4 months so they can last a whole season. It’s fabulous! When you do use the beans, let them completely unthaw and drain the water and rinse them before you put them with your next meal! 
That’s it for now! I hope y’all enjoy this “how to” post! Let me know in the comments below if you try it, if you use other seasonings and how it works for you! 
Happy Cooking!

Katie H 

Keeping Clean

Let’s Talk About Laundry…

Good Morning Y’all! ☀️
I hope everyone’s 4th of July celebrations were amazing and spectacular! 🌀🇺🇸🌀 

The hubs and I had the opportunity to watch fireworks shows from Walt Disney Worlds Contemporary Resort! Had a perfect view of the castle at Magic Kingdom! The best part was driving home on SR 417 and seeing fireworks from all over! It really was a magical day! 

We were extra patriotic on Tuesday! 😜🌀🇺🇸🌀

Okay! Now on to the real reason I’m writing today! I’ve been struggling with a small, but VERY annoying leak that happens in our home due to our ancient A/C Unit! Thankfully we rent, we do not own our current home. So our landlords take care of big things for us! Well all that to say, I’ve been using my towels to clean up the leaks. And they have been super soaked with smelly water and not really soaking things up like a good, fresh towel would. So off to trusty Pinterest I went to see how to keep towels fluffy and smelling better! Cause even though I use Method brand detergent, the towels weren’t coming out smelling good and feeling clean. Several of the same recipes were popping up on my feed…so I took a hint! 


1 cup of white distilled vinegar

1/2 cup of baking SODA! Not powder. 


Wash first load with vinegar in HOT water. Then wash a second time with baking soda also in HOT water. Note••Do not add any detergents or fabric softeners to either load. Once both washes are complete, transfer to dryer and toss in a dryer sheet or two. Once towels are dried, they should smell cleaner and feel softer! 

This is wash #1 

Note••I have to wash our clothes at the laundromat but they still come out amazing! 

Wash #2 •||• as you can see I even put my sheets in and they came out so soft and smelling amazing! 

Small secret! I’ve used this recipe twice now and will probably continue to use it at least once a month to clean out the towels from detergent residue.  

Final result: fluffy, soft and smelling good towels!  

Now for the last little bit of laundry advice is washing pillows and fluffing them back up. This is a trick I tried once and it continued to work ever since. I heard someone say once before throw a couple of tennis balls into some socks and put them in the dryer with the pillows. Well…would you ever believe, it works! I do not know the scientific reasons why it works, but it does! 

Here’s my method: 

Super old, but clean socks from my husband’s old stash of socks he no longer uses. Tennis balls from the dollar store. As you can see I put the tennis ball in the sock and tied it up and that’s it! Easy peasy! 
Well y’all, I hope this gives you some advice and good direction on how to keep your laundry looking and smelling fresh for as long as possible! Because let’s be real, we don’t always have an extra 40-50$ to buy new towels every couple of months. 
From Our Home to Yours!

G & K 🖤

Recipes from my Kitchen

Chicken & Waffles 

Hello Fam and Friends! 

It has been such a sweet minute since I’ve been on here! We all know I’m all about creating easy meals that are delish and delightful! I also absolutely love finding things and using things already here in the house. So today after church I stopped by good ol’ Publix! And I picked up some chicken tenders that are already pre-made, hot and ready to devour and some strawberry syrup! I already did some grocery shopping earlier last week so I had frozen waffles…I don’t own a waffle maker…but one day I will. So I put the waffles in the toaster oven and cut up some tenders. I spread a little butter on each waffle and put the chicken on top of one waffle and poured some syrup on top and put the other waffle on top. Made a sandwich out of it. 

Let’s be honest! Doesn’t it look so adorable placed on this Mickey Mouse plate?? 😍

Oh and that syrup…it’s local from Georgia and only has 3 whole ingredients! That’s right! 3 ingredients from the creators at Blackberry Patch! Look em’ up! You won’t be disappointed! 

And this is what it looks like with syrup on it. Y’all! Praise God for the South! 

Feel free to adapt this to the way you want! Use all from scratch ingredients if you want and please let me know all about your experiences! 
Have a good rest of the weekend y’all!


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Color Run 2017 🌈

Crushing goals in a big way! 🙋🏼💪🏻🤜🏻


Howdy Folks! 

I’m so happy to share this post with everyone! On Saturday I completed my first 5k!! I ran the Color Run which took place in Osceola County at the Osceola Heritage Park in Kissimmee!! It was incredible! I have to be honest, I was extremely nervous and fearful to do this. I haven’t always maintained my athletic abilities since I became a teenager. However, since December of 2016, I’ve made conscious effort to begin being healthy again. My weight has continually fluctuated since my parents divorce and it doesn’t help that I have a tendency to be overly emotional about specific situations I go trough in life. With the effort to stay healthy, I think I’ve mentioned this in previous posts, that for maybe six months prior to investing in physical exercise, Gared and I made a decision to begin buying organic as much as possible. That included our foods and our chemical products for cleaning as well. 

That was not an easy transition to make, but we are so glad that we did! We’ve seen such amazing physical changes in our bodies as far as feeling more of the natural energy our body creates. Now don’t misunderstand we still eat out every now and again, and we still have days where we falter and we are okay with that. We don’t shame ourselves if we falter, we just accept it and move ahead. Sorry for my rabbit trail, but I thought some background info would be helpful! 

So anyway, the week leading up to this event was extremely busy for me and I had only exercised a few times. I even doubted myself that I would be able to keep up with my team. Especially since they both were and are extremely active. But I made the decision to enjoy this regardless of it I can or cannot keep up with the team. 

So we took off! I began to jog my way out of the starting lineup and I did well for about 3 minutes, then I started to feel it. My legs began to tighten up and tire out, my lungs were not pumping oxygen as well and I was becoming short of breath. So I slowed down to a walk. I felt shame. I felt bad for my team. But I snapped out of it and told myself to keep going! Shortly I began walking at a fast pace and made it to the first color 💛! We ran through yellow because they throw chalk at you and it sucks to breath it in! Then I fast walked and kind of jogged to the next color, purple 💜! My favorite as pictured above! Then the mile one marker was in sight! And a sense of overwhelming happiness flooded my mind and heart! That sight was just what I needed to keep going! So we continued the run and began to walk and run through various parts of the path! Soon enough, we saw the foam zone and were over halfway finished with the race! 

The joy of running through the foam zone was real life! As you can see our shoes enjoyed a nice bubble bath! Haha! 
Then this image happened!!! We saw the finish line! And we agreed to run through the finish line no matter what! 

So I did! I took a second and then I ran! I ran as fast and as hard as my body would take me and I crossed the finish line running! 

Made it! I did it! In about 40 minutes I walked and ran the color run! Getting that medal was the most beautiful experience! It showed I completed the challenge! I pushed myself in ways I have never before and I succeeded! 

Fulfilling dreams! 

The aftermath! 

Chalk dust, unicorns 🦄, new friends and accomplished goals!

 Guys and gals around! If you are super athletic, don’t take it for granted, if you’re super skinny, it doesn’t always mean you are in shape and healthy! And being fat doesn’t mean you’re not healthy either! I am beyond blessed and so happy to have completed this challenge I set for myself! I hope this brings encouragement to others! If you’re moving, you’re doing more than you were before! Everyday I move is a victory over weight gain! Everyday I exercise when I don’t want to is a victory over my health! Trust me when I say, it was not an easy challenge! But running across that finish line was exhilarating and freeing! I found out in myself that I can accomplish goals, I don’t have to give up and my journey does NOT look like everyone else’s! And guess what?? I am okay with that! My journey is my own and I’m taking my health seriously everyday! We need to stop comparing ourselves to what we aren’t and start accepting ourselves for who we are! When we do that, we begin to change because we want to, not because someone else says we should or we see it in a magazine or social media or billboard what some people say we should look like–men and women alike! 

I hope people are encouraged by this post! Go out and change your world! Be a healthier you than yesterday and do it at your own pace! 



Personal Thoughts on Life

Birthday Shenanigans 🎉

Hello and Happy Spring! 

It’s been a pretty busy month for us here in the Henson house! We celebrated so many birthdays, so many anniversaries and lots of life long goals! This month was my husbands birthday! So of course, I go all out! I had balloons, a banner, and the day planned away with lots of fun and surprises! Since his birthday was on a Saturday this year, I started celebrating ok Friday! I had the whole house decorated Birthday style! With fun glasses, confetti, presents, balloons and then Saturday morning breakfast! 

Then off to Orlando we went! I planned our whole day of celebrating 29 at the Coca Cola Orlando Eye! 

Y’all! These pictures seriously do not do this experience justice! It’s so large that it just puts a person in awe! Now granted, this is a new experience to Central Florida, well one of the newest attractions. Included in the experience is also Maddam Tussaud’s Wax Museum and Sea Life Aquarium. The awesome part is when you purchase your tickets online, you save tons and tons more than if you go to the counter and purchase them that way. Also, if you are a Florida resident or you have a friend / family member that’s a Florida resident they get in for adults 37$ a person for all three attractions, not sure for kiddos, we don’t have any kiddos yet. But it’s obviously cheaper. 

The entire experience of the eye, wax museum and aquarium take about 3 hours. They have additional shops and restaurants to eat at as well around the area, so all in all, if you were looking for a long experience you can definitely make one out of the day with all the things to do! 

We seriously had the best time. The best part for us was the wax museum and the eye. But the eye for sure! The aquarium just kind of made our hearts hurt. The tanks are very, very small and they just don’t have much space to be as free as they could be. 

Here are just a few pictures of the exhibits, the one above is actually a touch tank and it reminds me of Finding Dory where all the kiddos touch the sea creatures and they call it pokers cove…that’s literally what it looked like in real life. I wanted to cry. 😭

The jellies were just in a wall and had a color changing LED light blasting them all day. 

The only large tank was this one and it had the smallest fish and smallest amount of fish in it. Didn’t make much sense to me. 

Answering questions with Jimmy Fallon! 🙃

Hanging with Katy Perry cause duh! 

Daydreaming of Disney with the main man himself! 😍

Okay. These were the best! The wax museum definitely lifted our spirits after the aquarium! These are just a few fun snapshots we captured! The best photo for last! Gared answering phone calls for President Trump since they’re super close and all! 😂 We seriously had the best time! The best part about this picture is a little boy probably about 8 or 9 years old sat down for a picture and did the same pose! I wish I would have caught it on camera! 

Lastly, the eye! This had such incredible views! The ride only lasts about 23 minutes but it’s amazing! We are definitely going back down to Orlando to experience this at sunset! But for now, enjoy these! 

Finally, I just want to say a Happy Birthday to the best husband a girl could ask for! I am so honored to be able to do life with you and to celebrate your life! I hope you know that this year and every year you are loved by so many! I can’t wait to celebrate the big 30 next year! I love you with my whole heart! 

Until Next Year!

Xoxo! K