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Color Run 2017 🌈

Crushing goals in a big way! 🙋🏼💪🏻🤜🏻


Howdy Folks! 

I’m so happy to share this post with everyone! On Saturday I completed my first 5k!! I ran the Color Run which took place in Osceola County at the Osceola Heritage Park in Kissimmee!! It was incredible! I have to be honest, I was extremely nervous and fearful to do this. I haven’t always maintained my athletic abilities since I became a teenager. However, since December of 2016, I’ve made conscious effort to begin being healthy again. My weight has continually fluctuated since my parents divorce and it doesn’t help that I have a tendency to be overly emotional about specific situations I go trough in life. With the effort to stay healthy, I think I’ve mentioned this in previous posts, that for maybe six months prior to investing in physical exercise, Gared and I made a decision to begin buying organic as much as possible. That included our foods and our chemical products for cleaning as well. 

That was not an easy transition to make, but we are so glad that we did! We’ve seen such amazing physical changes in our bodies as far as feeling more of the natural energy our body creates. Now don’t misunderstand we still eat out every now and again, and we still have days where we falter and we are okay with that. We don’t shame ourselves if we falter, we just accept it and move ahead. Sorry for my rabbit trail, but I thought some background info would be helpful! 

So anyway, the week leading up to this event was extremely busy for me and I had only exercised a few times. I even doubted myself that I would be able to keep up with my team. Especially since they both were and are extremely active. But I made the decision to enjoy this regardless of it I can or cannot keep up with the team. 

So we took off! I began to jog my way out of the starting lineup and I did well for about 3 minutes, then I started to feel it. My legs began to tighten up and tire out, my lungs were not pumping oxygen as well and I was becoming short of breath. So I slowed down to a walk. I felt shame. I felt bad for my team. But I snapped out of it and told myself to keep going! Shortly I began walking at a fast pace and made it to the first color 💛! We ran through yellow because they throw chalk at you and it sucks to breath it in! Then I fast walked and kind of jogged to the next color, purple 💜! My favorite as pictured above! Then the mile one marker was in sight! And a sense of overwhelming happiness flooded my mind and heart! That sight was just what I needed to keep going! So we continued the run and began to walk and run through various parts of the path! Soon enough, we saw the foam zone and were over halfway finished with the race! 

The joy of running through the foam zone was real life! As you can see our shoes enjoyed a nice bubble bath! Haha! 
Then this image happened!!! We saw the finish line! And we agreed to run through the finish line no matter what! 

So I did! I took a second and then I ran! I ran as fast and as hard as my body would take me and I crossed the finish line running! 

Made it! I did it! In about 40 minutes I walked and ran the color run! Getting that medal was the most beautiful experience! It showed I completed the challenge! I pushed myself in ways I have never before and I succeeded! 

Fulfilling dreams! 

The aftermath! 

Chalk dust, unicorns 🦄, new friends and accomplished goals!

 Guys and gals around! If you are super athletic, don’t take it for granted, if you’re super skinny, it doesn’t always mean you are in shape and healthy! And being fat doesn’t mean you’re not healthy either! I am beyond blessed and so happy to have completed this challenge I set for myself! I hope this brings encouragement to others! If you’re moving, you’re doing more than you were before! Everyday I move is a victory over weight gain! Everyday I exercise when I don’t want to is a victory over my health! Trust me when I say, it was not an easy challenge! But running across that finish line was exhilarating and freeing! I found out in myself that I can accomplish goals, I don’t have to give up and my journey does NOT look like everyone else’s! And guess what?? I am okay with that! My journey is my own and I’m taking my health seriously everyday! We need to stop comparing ourselves to what we aren’t and start accepting ourselves for who we are! When we do that, we begin to change because we want to, not because someone else says we should or we see it in a magazine or social media or billboard what some people say we should look like–men and women alike! 

I hope people are encouraged by this post! Go out and change your world! Be a healthier you than yesterday and do it at your own pace! 




Apple Challah Bread 

Hey Y’all! It has been so long since I last shared a food post! I have been so busy finishing up my degree the past two semesters! These accelerated semesters are tough! But January brings great joy as I embark on the journey of practicing counseling and beginning practicum! 🙌🏻

When I’m not studying or home taking care of the house and cooking for my husband and the dogs, and enjoying the little free time we have together, I’m a substitute teacher. So I get the normal breaks like my students! This is only day 2 of Christmas break and I was so bored it was unbelievable! I did some DIY blanket scarfs and went to the gym! But then I was still bored! So I decided to make Apple Challah Bread! Challah is a traditional Jewish recipe that usually doesn’t have any added ingredients like apples, but lots of people have ventured out to make Challah a little different in their own way! 

So, like always, I forget to take step by step pictures of the process! But I’m making this again for Christmas dinner, so I’ll update my pictures! 

This is my Instagram video I created, you can see most of the ingredients: yeast, sugar, canola oil, Granny Smith Apple, self-rising flour, and eggs! This is after the one hour rise before it became a loaf! 

Just like the caption says: oven ready! I was supposed to add an apple slice between each cut of the loaf, but I added them all in the bread and forgot, but it is totally okay if you forget like me! This baked for 40 minutes total. 

Final product! And yes oh yes, it tasted just as good as it looks! 

When I make it again, I will add more of the step by step pictures! And the full recipe! 

Enjoy Y’all! 


Latkes fo Chanukah 🕎🎉

Hey Y’all!!! So this weekend is one for the books in all things cooking! I feel like I’ve only left my kitchen over the past two days to sleep. But here goes! With all the holiday and Christmas parties springing up as we approach about one week out of Christmas, it calls for lots and lots of recipes! This year, I’m making things that are so not normal for me to make. Usually I do baking, like cakes and cookies and cupcakes things of that nature. This year, I’m making things I’ve never made before, like Latkes! Latkes is a Jewish traditional food item made around Chanukah every year. Traditionally, they are like a flat pancake and served with applesauce to–according to my husband–remind of us the sweetness of God. My hubs grew up Jewish and I did not, we’ve been wanting to have traditions in our house but last year we didn’t get to from all the wedding things, wedding and honeymoon and moving in together. So this year: it’s time to begin traditions! BTW: this recipe is definitely not my own, I got this from! 

With Latkes it’s a very simple dish, but also takes a good minute to get going and finished because of just following the steps, especially if you’ve never made them before.  

This above 👆🏻 is a finished product on the cooking rack and in the process of frying them! 

Since I borrowed this recipe, I’m going to share the exact ingredients and that way there’s no confusion on the ingredients and the how to is easy!  

So basically very simple, once you have all the potatoes peeled and shredded resting in water as not to brown while you finish the rest of them, and the onion shredded, you’re going to take a clean towel or cheese cloth layers and ring out the excess water from the drained potatoes and onions, this helps with the frying I noticed. Now in another clean large bowl you’re going to mix all the ingredients together and by hand, a spoon was just ridiculous to try and use. Once everything is mixed together you can begin letting a small quarter inch layer of oil in a frying pan begin to heat, we did it on medium high heat for a thorough cooking. And formed the mixture into patties, very thin patties. Once they are golden brown on both sides take them out and put them on a cooling rack to keep the juices in don’t lay on a paper towel. They are served with applesauce traditionally! 

So now you have a Chanukah recipe to try out! I hope you enjoy it! If you like to try it and do try it leave a comment below and let me know how it goes! 

Thanks for reading and Happy Cooking Y’all! Enjoy! 

Katie H


Cheesy Stuffed Sweet Peppers 🧀🌶 

Here we are again Y’all! This is a weekend of cooking and I’m sure this next week and weekend with Christmas Day around the corner will be one for cooking too! But no complaints because I love seeing the smiles on people’s faces and the compliments! So today, I had a Christmas party to attend and it was such a lovely time! I had a spectacular time and if you have been to a party or have invite to one this week, it is worth it to go! Enjoy it! 

This was one of the Christmas trees and it’s too beautiful to not snap a quick photo! With this Christmas party each attendant had to make a dish to share with everyone and that’s why I chose this recipe. Of course all recipes are made for adaptation so with this I will share my version: 

– 1 16oz. Or 1 pound of ricotta cheese

– 1 block 16oz. Of pepper jack cheese shredded

– 1 8oz. Package of cream cheese, the small rectangular package. 

– 1 cup or 3/4 cup of chopped fresh spinach depending on how much flavor you want.

– baby bell peppers or the mini bell pepper package 

So basically you’re just gunna mix all the cheeses together in a large bowl along with the spinach. Now, after that’s done, set it aside or in the fridge. Now take your bell peppers out and slice the tips off and remove the seeds and white membrane. Rinse those out with water and now fill them with cheese mixture. After all your peppers are filled, you can lay them on a baking sheet and broil them in the oven until the cheese is nice and gooey. This will also soften up the peppers and bring out the natural flavor of the peppers too! 

You can serve them anyway you like! The cheese mixture makes a lot of cheesy filled peppers so you’ll have more than enough for your party members! I didn’t have a picture of them from the party, but did have this:

There you have it! Cheesy yummy goodness inside of a pepper! So enjoy your Christmas parties and Christmas time! Try it out and if you like it please comment and let me know what you think and feel free to share it! 

That’s it for now! Happy Cooking Y’all! 

Katie H 


Grilled Burritos!!! 🌯🌯🌯


Welcome back to my kitchen y’all! So here in the beautiful Sunshine State where we get to be sun bums literally year round, soups and casseroles are not typical even in December. The coldest we’ve had is about 68• and it wasn’t even all day! ••• Today I decided to start back up on my cooking and recipes for y’all! So today I made grilled burritos! I’ve been dying (not literally!) to use my George Foreman for anything besides burgers or steak, which was a recent adventure. I’ve been browsing Pinterest and have not found anything that satisfies my desire. So I decided to make my own version of what I think a grilled burrito would be like! •••• As you can see from the photo above, the ingredients, forgive me I did not want to dirty up anymore dishes, so it stayed in the skillets and pots! 

Okay so from here you can see the beginning process and the finished product all in the same photo! I believe it’s important for you to see the beginning, I’m sorry I didn’t take step by step photos, but it is so easy and really, you can decide how to layer your ingredients your way! 

Step One: brown 1 pound of turkey meat 

Step Two: add your water and taco sauce after you drain the meat from excess fats and water

Step Three: heat up your retried beans either on the stove or in the microwave 

Step Four: cut the veggies you want! I used iceberg lettuce, green bell peppers, and a white onion. I fixed it all up and sliced thinly the lettuce. I mixed it all up to make for easier layering between burritos. And also shred your cheese if you buy it by the block!

Step Five: it’s layering time! So now, you want to take your wraps, it does not matter if you use flour, wheat, corn, while wheat, whatever your tastebuds love, use it! Heat about 4 at a time in the microwave for about 10 seconds. This will make them easy to roll and less likely to break in the process.

A–first spread your beans on the bottom like you’re painting the tortilla.

B–add a small amount of the meat mixture, not too much because you’re going to want to roll your tortillas up and not bust them open from too much filling.

C–add your veggies and shredded cheese

D–here I added taco sauce like the lightest of drizzles because too much liquid can be no bueno for the burrito. 

E–now you roll it up burrito style! So, take 2 sides opposite of each other,fold it in about 1 inch on each side, then simultaneously holding those ends, grab the bottom and roll it up to the top, tucking it into itself as your roll. And now you grille! 

F–heat up your Foreman, you probably wanna have this preheating while you’re preparing your burritos. Spray cooking butter into your grille, you won’t get burn marks! And you get nice grille marks instead! I place it seam side down so the grille seals in the amazing flavors! You wanna leave it on the grille for about 2-3 minutes, no need to flip, you have grille slates on both sides. 

And now you get to enjoy hot off the grille with your favorite toppings like more veggies, sour cream or salsa! Or you can let them cool off for a few minutes and then wrap them in aluminum foil, at that point you can put them in the fridge if you’re gunna eat them within 2 days or freeze them and reheat in the microwave or a conventional oven, toaster oven.
That’s it for now! I hope you try it! If you try it and you like it, follow me for more awesome recipes! From my kitchen to yours happy cookin and enjoy!

Katie H 


Mini Shepherd Pies 🍴

Finished product! 

I used a regular muffin pan and a super mini muffin pan! 

As promised, here is the recipe for the mini Shepherd Pies! So before I give you the recipe, I just want y’all to know I’ve been working on this. This is a recipe that can be perfected over time. It’s a great dish because you incorporate lots of veggies over everything else! Plus home made is the absolute best! This is a dish you can be proud of! 

Ingredients Required: 

1 pound of ground turkey or beef

2 tablespoons of all purpose flour

2 tablespoons of ketchup or tomato paste

3/4 cup of beef or chicken broth

2 cans of canned biscuits just regular not jumbo, not super fluffy

4 cups of frozen veggies (thawed out–it’s okay if they are still cold, but if frozen it’s gunna take forever to cook)

1 package of instant mashed potatoes 

2 big scoops of sour cream

1-2 cups of sprinkling cheddar cheese 

The How To:

So y’all already know I adapt my recipes. But here goes. First you wanna get your muffin pans greased up so your biscuits don’t stick to the bottom of the cups. I use Crisco spray. Just lightly spray it. In the mean time begin browning your meat until the pink is gone and do your instant mashed potatoes. It’s okay if you make those first and they get a little cool, because you’re gunna re-cook them in the oven anyway and they’ll be nice and fluffy and hot! While you are doing that you can get the rest of your ingredients out if you haven’t already. Once your meat is finished, drain out any grease and pull out your pot. Put the drained meat in and add your flour–keep it on a medium heat. It’ll seem very sticky at first but this helps coat the meat like if you are going to add taco seasoning for tacos. Stir that in get the meat covered. Next add your ketchup or paste. Either will work just fine. Stir that in, it kind of begins to look like meat loaf. After that is mixed well, add your broth. I used chicken broth because it’s all I had, it didn’t taste any different it was actually really moist and add your veggies. Just mix it up and let it get warm for about 3-5 minutes and pull it off. Now you can fill your muffin cups! So you’re gunna begin by taking your canned biscuits one at a time, flatten them out with your finger tips and it’ll stretch it out. Just fill that into the bottom of your pan, it may not cover the whole muffin cup, don’t worry, you really want it as a base to hold your filling. Next add your filling, don’t over flow it, and add a layer of mashed potatoes ad sprinkle cheese on top! Once you have all your cups filled, you bake on 350 or 375 depending on stove for 20-30 minutes. Once the middle is nice and hot after you check them and the cheese is good and melted, they are ready for devouring! 

Okay, so verdict is: they were great! Usually when it comes to this, I use my pie dish and just layer the meat/veggie filling covered by mashed potatoes and sprinkled with cheddar cheese. But after Pinterest surfing and recently trying mini chicken pot pies, I thought you could do the same with Shepherd Pies! Adding the broth which I normally don’t do and salt and pepper to taste, it was very moist and very flavorful. Especially working with frozen veggies, they usually aren’t seasoned like canned veggies, so you wanna add flavor. There are lots of home made recipes and different adaptations of this recipe, so go find what you and your family loves and enjoy making home made! The minis are great to make with younger kids, it can always be a math lesson as well! That’s all for today’s recipe! 
Hope y’all enjoy it! And happy cooking! 

Katie H💜 


Titus 2 And Living Out The Word

Hello Again Dear Friends! 

I hope you all are doing well on this beautiful stormy Sunday afternoon. I don’t typically promote many items here on my blog, but today holds a great exception. I have recently been pondering what it means to stay home. To be a virtuous woman who makes her own items to sell, like in Proverbs 31. Then today as my husband and I are heading to Sunday school, we stopped by our church bookstore. As we are looking around and I am waiting for my husband to complete his purchase I graze through the books and spot this beauty above! All about Titus 2 and the meaning of being a wife and mother according to God’s Holy scripture. Far from being a mother, prayerfully another year and a half, but very much so now in this season–a wife. This is my role, my responsibility and my honor. 

As Titus 2 verses 3-8 state: “Older women likewise are to be reverent in behavior, not slanderers or slaves to much wine. They are to teach what is good, and so train the young women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled, pure, working at home, kind, and submissive to their own husbands, that the Word of God may not be reviled. Likewise urge the younger men to be self-controlled. Show yourself in all respects to be a model of good works, and in your teaching show integrity, dignity, and sound speech that cannot be condemned, so that an opponent may be put to shame, having nothing evil to say about us.” 

Now, many women in the 21st century are mostly feminists who have a mind of their own, seek their own desires and want to do a mans job–mostly corporate. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to do those kinds of jobs or have those kinds of careers, but there can sometimes be with feminism-yet that is for another time. As stated previously there is nothing wrong with wanting those kinds of careers God opens all kinds of doors. But truly as women of God, no matter what career choice God puts you in, we as women of God are all called to follow this passage of scripture. But there is also nothing wrong with staying at home, being a housewife or a stay at home mama or a combination of both. We are not to look down on either side of the spectrum, but embrace where God has us. The Lord gives very correct and specific direction on how to conduct ourselves as women. He also does the same in Proverbs 31. So as I began this book with great excitement and anticipation I hope to share just a few more posts that continue to shed some light of how women of God should be and conduct themselves. 

Praying for every woman who reads this to find out how and who God wants them to be according to His Word! 

Mucho Love in Christ and Happy Reading! 

–Katie H 💜


Homemade Banana Pudding

Hello 4th of July! As we celebrate Independence Day, this is a special day indeed! My husband and I celebrate our 1st 4th of July as HUSBAND AND WIFE!! It’s such an honor to celebrate our freedom with the ones we love! 

So in keeping with my theme of budget friendly this weekend, I wanted to share a budget friendly and delish recipe! This is proof that you can enjoy your meal and keep your pockets full! 


Bananas — .69 cents/pound. I used about 5 total! But I made a large dish for a party. Typically I would use about 2 if it was just Gar and I.

Milk — $3.98/carton. I used 6 total cups because of the large amount I made. Typically it would be 2 cups.

Instant Vanilla Pudding Mix — $1.08/box. I used 2 boxes which required 3 cups of milk each, again big party. 

Vanilla Wafers — $3/box. I used the mini ones, they’re just cute! I also used my whole box because of my large amount I made to begin with.

The How To::

1. Take a good handful of your wafers and later them on the bottom of your dish.

2. Peel open a banana and cut little slices and layer that over your wafers.

3. Now after you’ve mixed up your pudding you can layer that over the wafers and bananas.

4. Then repeat until you come to the top of your dish. Typically if I had enough wafers I would have crushed them and created a sprinkled layer on top or used cool whip, or egg whites for a meringue. 

Either way you make it, this is easy cost effective and a semi-healthy dessert! Most of these ingredients we buy each week anyway, so you’ll continue to save even more! This is a great dessert for any holiday especially Independence Day! Now go and enjoy your Independence Day with your loved ones and be safe! 
Happy Cooking Y’all!

–Katie H 💜


Making a Budget Friendly Meal Plan

Well Hello Friends! I’m back! It’s been a crazy couple of month with me getting a new job and school work, it’s been kind of hard to keep up with meals and posting recipes. But I wanna take a few minutes and give you something great! We’ve all read about how to make budget friendly from “don’t coupon just shop at Aldi” to “just buy the essentials.” While I am no mainstream expert, when it comes to the two of us, I pretty much got our eating patterns down. So here’s my advice:

  1. Create a grocery list of exactly what you need for the week. My husband and I currently shop each week right now because it fits our budget. However fits your budget, make a list of it! 
  2. Don’t go grocery shopping when you are hungry! It makes you want to buy things you really don’t need. And then you end up going out of your budget.
  3. Now here’s my weakness: at the end of your shopping trip when you’re at the register. All the soda drinks and candies just waiting to be eaten and drank up! Used to never be a weakness for me, I would always say no. And then it just changed one day. Say NO to these things! We all know they are unhealthy and you will feel proud of yourself that you stayed within your budget. 😊
  4. Now my last piece of advice, start researching budget friendly recipes! You are the expert for what your family eats! You are responsible for what they eat! Just because you want or need to save money does not mean you have to sacrifice flavor! Most times for budget friendly recipes you already have the majority of ingredients in your pantry. Knowing that also saves money, you aren’t buying what you don’t need. So do your research! 

Alright y’all! So I hope my little bit of advice helps! When you do your research you save yourself time, you weaken the chance of a headache for being forgetful and you save money! And believe it or not, sometimes store brand tastes just as good or better than name brand. This also saves you money. Although I’m not an avid couponer as I wish to be sometimes, I do look for sales. Sales are guarantees of savings! Stay tuned! I will have a budget friendly recipe and list of ingredients to share later! 

Happy Cooking and Planning Y’all!

–Katie H. 💜


Sweet Potato Chews


So as we had our first full day with the fur babies, I stayed home and decided to catch up with Pinterest and see what awesome treats that are healthy I could make! So here’s our first official home made doggie treats! Yay for healthy! Most simplest recipe ever and you probably already eat this and have it available! No joking!

Ingredients Needed:
2-3 sweet potatoes
1 tbsp of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)

How To:
Slice the sweet potatoes length wise thin, but not paper thin. About a quarter inch thick or less. You want them to crisp up easily. Then depending on how wide your slices are you can cut those in half length wise as well.
Now you want to take that tbsp of EVOO and layer through bottom of a baking sheet with it and make sure it’s covered but not slathered in oil. Otherwise it’ll take longer for the potatoes. So now you lay it all down, make sure no pieces are overlapping each other and bake on 200° for 4 hours! (I did it in three and they still turned out great) Each hour you check you flip all the pieces so they get a nice even coat of heat on each side. Then you let them cool and store away! They go fast so make sure you do more than 2 potatoes. The idea is to dehydrate them, kinda like jerky, but since I don’t have a dehydrator I do it the old fashioned way!

Here’s the verdict:

Everyone loves them! They are a huge hit! We are already learning with positive reinforcement how to hang with this family! These treats are dog and human approved!!

Happy Cooking Y’all!
Katie H 💜