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A Tribute to Life 🌀

Good Morning Beautiful People! 

Thank you so much for being patient with me on these posts! I have two more to post later today, so stay tuned! This past weekend has been a little more than emotional in our household. My husband’s beautiful grandmother passed away on Saturday morning and although it was mostly expected, it was still difficult for him and the family. I have nothing but beautiful memories from my times with her! 

She had dimentia and her favorite phrase was “I love you, I love you, I love you!” And man oh man was she adorable! I have this strange thought, how wonderful it is that she would remember the phrase “I love you” and it would bring so much joy to those around her! What a wonderful way to be remembered! ❤️❤️❤️ So thank you for being patient as I’ve been there for my husband this weekend. 

Not only did we face loss but today is not only Reformation Day and Halloween, but it’s also my beautiful Mother in Love’s Birthday! 

Although she is no longer here on Earth to celebrate with, she left an amazing legacy behind that will be passed down to her grandchildren should God see fit to bless us with them! She was a single mother who provided every opportunity to her children, worked at one point with three jobs and put herself through higher education! She was truly iconic! My heart wishes to have met her! I know she would be so proud of Gared and his sister! They both have overcome so much and accomplished amazing things in this life so far! 

Although this isn’t a food-related post, I am thankful to share it! Because remembering life is so important! People’s stories remain forever and for generations to come! Today I am thankful for many things today! So today, choose to be thankful! Choose to love life! 
Happy Birthday 🎉 

Happy Reformation Day

Happy Halloween

From Our Home to Yours! Be blessed today!

Katie ❤️

Recipes from my Kitchen

Packaged Dinners???

Yep! You read correctly! I used packaged dinners two nights in a row! Why?? Because Sunday, the hubs and and I napped almost all day long! We got up just in time to eat dinner, watch a movie and go back to sleep. Because let’s face it, Monday comes every week without hesitation! On Monday, we finally got our car back from the shop, that process was lengthy, I was able to complete all my Monday errands and that includes the grocery. Well wouldn’t ya know I did all this grocery shopping and planned on making steaks and salad with some veggies, but I totally forgot the marinade for the steak. So we settled on pasta! 

I’m sure there’s a part of you still saying yuck to packaged dinners. Especially when I almost always post the opposite. However, a lot of companies are making the shift to using organically based and natural food products even in their dozen packaged meals. 

This brand happens to be one and can be found in most grocery stores. They do not state that they are organic or USDA inspected for organic based food product, but they do use all natural. And to clarify: Gared and I have made the switch to organic food products and even regular products for cleaning and such. However, sometimes we falter because we’ve created such poor habits in the past. So although Bertolli is not USDA Organic, they use natural products and are one of the best we’ve seen so far as far as frozen food meals are. If there are others please by all means comment below and let us know! We’d love to try! 

Got a little distracted, back to reality! This was a super easy meal to make, the first night on Sunday I made a spinach and alfredo bow tie pasta which had a few chicken pieces in it. The only picture I have is: 

It was actually pretty delicious! Cannot lie! But, beware! It had so much spinach in it, so if you are not a spinach person, you should forego this meal. This is also Bertolli brand.

On Monday night, I had Gared all to myself! Y’all. This was a big dang deal! He’s usually in class on Monday night’s where he is in the process of completing his associates degree and will be graduating in May!!! I’m so proud of him! Needless to say, we usually don’t get Monday nights together. Like I said, my intention was to make steak, but we settled for a quick made meal and quality time at the dinner table! 

This was my tablescape! Super simple and yes those are pretend flowers! But so gorgeous! Guys, I cannot stress the importance of having a meal at the table! Like it’s incredible how much we miss out on if we don’t! Especially if you are a married couple! 

This is a closer look to what’s inside. The piece on my spoon is actually a chuck on cheese. The cheese melts and the steam from the veggies helps melt the noodles and softens them up so there’s no need for water. 

Just another look.

And another…hahaha!

Key note: the package says “pour ingredients into a non-stick skillet and cook until hot and tender.” Well I don’t own a non-stick skillet. So I use a few tablespoons of butter and that’s that! 

All in all, it was quick, tasted delish, the veggies were soft enough to bite through but solid enough to get that good snap. I would absolutely recommend this if you are needing a quick meal, it says it’s a meal for 2, but it could easily be a meal for 4. And it’s so affordable! It was only 8$. I know it sounds like a lot, but if you plan, if you live on a budget, you could make this stretch into leftovers. 

I leave you with this! The view I had from my side of the table! I was so glad to share dinner with him! He will always be my favorite person to share a meal with! ❣️❣️❣️

If you try other flavors or find any brands that are USDA organic, by all means please comment below and let me know, we would love to know what’s going on and let you know what we think! 
Happy Cooking Y’all!

Personal Thoughts on Life, Recipes from my Kitchen

Valentine’s Day Weekend 💘

Such a late post, but I wanted to share some Valentine’s Day awesomeness with y’all! My sweet hubs and I don’t usually celebrate big on Valentine’s, not because we don’t love each other by any stretch, but we just don’t make a big stink about it. However this year I decided to make a wonderful dinner and continue with our 14 days of Valentine’s cards tradition! (Can see that in a former post) 

We are obviously plant people because I got him this 👆🏻 and he brought me home these 👇🏻😍

Mostly I wanted to share my dessert recipe with you! I was so proud of myself for this creativity! 

I used store bought, pre-packaged dessert shells which is just a sponge cake. I used a pound of strawberries, but that can really be to your discretion. Lastly I used limes. I cut the strawberries into slices and put them into a saucepan added a couple tablespoons of water and sugar to sweeten them. And that was my mistake, I should have just left the strawberries solid instead of becoming mushy in the saucepan. Oh well, but then I added the berries into each shell, drizzled the syrup onto the top and squeezed a little lime juice onto each dessert shell. It was tart, but very delish! 

Happy Cooking Y’all! 

Oh and the day after my sweet hubs bought me a brand new vacuum cleaner and I was so overjoyed! I can certainly say I am getting old because I got excited about a new appliance! 🙈😂

Personal Thoughts on Life

How to Encourage When You Feel Utterly Defeated 

This will probably be my last post for the night. I have been busy catching up posts, cleaning and organizing since I’ve had a little bit of a break this weekend. 

The topic I’m writing on may honestly make you have a puzzled look on your face and sort of question, what?? It almost sounds oxymoronic to encourage people when you do feel defeated in life. But it’s honestly not impossible! That’s right, I said it’s NOT impossible. 

Since my husband and I got married 2 years ago now, happily working on 3, we began to notice a lot of our friends were in the same stage of life as us, getting married 👰🏼! Well about 5-6 months after we got hitched, we noticed our friends that also got married started making babies! Now, we’ve talked about having kids, and Lord knows we so want babies of our own, now probably more than ever before. However, in our time spent so far as man and wife, we’ve discovered that if we had babies right now it may cause an interference for getting our studies done and graduating. And we’ve made an agreeable decision that no matter what our children will not go neglected and we will be there for them. See, regardless of anything, we still have our own goals and career paths that we believe God has called us to, so that’s why we go to school. We want to provide great futures for our babies and that’s why we are seeking great career paths. 

So back to the part of everyone else making babies…Gared and I quickly discovered that it’s a lot harder for us to make a baby than others. We’ve tried to have a baby for a little over a year now and still no results. After taking multiple tests with negative results, lots of tears and heartache for both of us, was too much. So we decided that we would no longer worry about getting pregnant, we would enjoy the time we have without kids right now and if it happens, we will praise God, and if it doesn’t we’ll adopt all the babies! Well about the time we had made that decision, one of my closest friends told us they were expecting and I was overcome with such devastation it was completely overwhelming. I remember sitting on our bed reading this awesome news and all I could do was weep big crocodile tears. My husband came in our bedroom to check on me and knew I was beyond devastated because all I could think was, why is this so easy for everyone except us?! What is wrong with us?! This flood of negative thinking just overcame my mindset. Yet at the same time, my faith in God gave me amazing strength. I was able to speak life to them, encourage her and just be a knowledgeable source for her. Sadly, they lost their precious little one later on at the beginning of the second trimester and I pray everyday for their family that God would restore them! 

What’s hard is that my friends are still having babies, I’ve been to 4 babies showers in 2016 and in March I’ll have my first baby shower of the year to attend. Regardless of us not being able to conceive as quickly as our friends, I still find ways to be there for other women, I’ve done research to help them where they need it, bought organic baby supplies, spent more money on babies that aren’t ours than more people probably would and told women I’m happy for them. That’s probably the hardest part, because you are genuinely happy for them, but you also think how it sucks that your body doesn’t make that happen so easily. 

I can now say that Gared and I have learned to be happy for people no matter what! We’ve learned to show love and provide help for new families any way we can. And we’ve learned to trust God’s plan for our lives! It’s not easy, but we know God will either give us a child of our own DNA or He will open a door that lets us adopt! See, encouraging others doesn’t always have to be with words, we can encourage with a plethora of other resorts also. 

For now, we trust God’s plan, we keep having fun while trying, and keep loving each other no matter what! One day, we’ll make a post about a baby announcement with a pregnan belly, or we’ll be announcing the adoption of Baby H! 

We love y’all! We hope this brings a sense of encouragement and relief to those who may also be struggling like us, you are not alone! There are others like you, and we are here to support each other! 

Mucho love! Stay safe this next week! God bless! 

G & K